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Are you thinking of how to become a pre-qualified borrower here? Don’t waste your time, just start applying now and get immediate financial help. At CreditsFastCash, we promise to help you in accomplishing your personal desires with committed approach and customised lending products.

Everyone is Eligible

We respect the aspirations of borrowers towards us and thus, we do not want to leave any opportunity to fulfil their financial desire. Every Irish citizen is our pre-qualified borrower and we give him or her best chance to mollify prevailing financial trouble.

Not Hard Opinion on Credit Check

First time borrowers or people with bad credit histories get the same treatment from us. We always believe in parallel lending approach where everyone can avail our bad credit loans or no credit check loans. Income status is the key factor not your past credit performance.

No Guarantor & No Co-signer

You trust us as your financial partner and we trust you as our prospective borrower. When you sign the loan contract, we believe you will be sincere in following the lending procedure. Thus, we do not think guarantor or co-signer’s presence mandatory during the loan approval.

Loans for Business & Personal Uses

Your purpose is the indication what sort of product we should prepare. As a consequence, we provide loans for both the personal and business uses, which include competitive APRs and flexible repayment terms. We give freedom to you to personalise your lending deal for smooth process.

SMS Lending Option for You

Yes, not only the online lending, but we also prominent in SMS lending. Borrowers, who need funds on an urgent basis, just have to send a text message to our registered number. We quickly revert either through SMS or email id, and the entire process takes a few minutes.

Discounted Interest rates during Festivals

We are dedicated to make your Christmas or any other festival and more special because there will be no funding trouble to your celebration. You can expect discounted interest rates on these special occasions and repay easily without feeling any extra burden to your finances.

What Our Customers Say

I have made a lot of financial mistakes in my life. I have taken up loans that I knew I did not have the capacity to repay, leading to a disastrous credit score. I wanted to make amends, but did not know how. Then, I came to know that CreditsFastCash provided loans on bad credit. I took a loan, made timely repayments and two years later my score had improved. I will be eternally thankful to CreditsFastCash.

Jack Kennedy, Cork

I lost my job because my company was downsizing, without any fault of my own. I applied for government benefits, but they weren’t as much as I hoped. While my search for another job was ongoing, I needed cash to pay for the rent that the benefits could not cover. CreditsFastCash helped me in getting unemployed loans that sailed me through the difficult times. Six months later, not only did I have a great job, the entire loan is fully repaid as well.

John Smith, Dublin

I never knew that there was a thing called mobile text loans. I blame this unawareness on my age, being 75. I live on government benefits for senior citizens, for a few months I did not receive my cheque, I knew I would eventually get them, but I needed money urgently to pay for my expensive asthma medicine. I sent a text to CreditsFastCash and the same evening I had the funds wired into my account. Problem solved!

Eva Byrne, Lisburn

I always found banks to be snobby. They hardly cater to the financial needs of the underprivileged. Being a struggling artist, I do not have a consistent stream of income. For this reason, they have denied my loan applications so many times that I have lost count. So, I took my financial needs to CreditsFastCash and within a couple of days, I had bought my first car with the loan amount that I received. I have named my Volkswagen CFC after you guys, thank you so much!

Richard Moore, Galway
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