Dreams Do Not Come With An Age Bar

Dreams Do Not Come With An Age Bar, Neither Should Loans!

Everyone has a bucket list- a list of things-to-do written behind a notebook somewhere, or saved in notes on the desktop or mobile phone. Your dreams, aspirations and desires are accumulated in that list.

But honestly think. How many bucket lists have you actually completed till date? What is the maximum number of things you crossed out on every list of yours?

Our desires and wants change over time, so do our goals in life. Most of the tasks mentioned in that list stay unaccomplished either due to financial reasons or time constraint. It is not always possible to buy our favourite car, or visit our land of dreams. We either do not find time out of our busy schedule or are tied down with our finances.

Enter Retirement.

This is the time when a person is free from all obligations. Family is settled, retirement funds or pension benefits take care of the finances, loans (loan ireland) are repaid and one has all the time in the world.

It obviously gets frustrating to sit idle at home after having worked for most of our lives. When one has followed a particular routine for half of one’s life, it feels empty to not have that anymore.

But does retirement have to be always boring? Why cannot it entail starting something new, or bringing dead dreams to life?

Never say ‘too old’.

The phrase ‘too old’ does not mean anything in Ireland today. Need examples?

 Look at Pierce Brosnan (James Bond), Richard Harris (Albus Dumbledore), Leo Varadkar (The Prime Minister), Michael Gambon (the other Albus Dumbledore), Spike Milligan (Comedian) and so many other Irish personalities who got famous in the latter part of their lives.

Now that it has been proven that it is never too late, it is time to find those bucket lists. Retirement is the best time to fulfil all dreams and desires. There is time and money both to enable a person to complete those old lists. Even if one does not have them, there is always something that was planned to be done after retiring from work.

Starting a cafe, getting into a new business, going on a world tour, travelling around, buying a new home or following one’s passion are all the things that top the to-do list of a retired person.

Where is the Money, honey?

The retirement funds, pension benefits and accumulated savings helps to get through the post-working age of our lives. Investing that money in a new venture can pose a big dilemma.

But what about taking an unsecured loan? All our lives were spent in paying instalments for our loans, then why not the retirement period too? No one deserves to say at the end “I wish I had done that.” We get one life to fulfil all our wishes, and money should not be the reason why we say that.

An Explanation is owed.

An unsecured lending industry thrives in the heart of Ireland. It constitutes providing online loans to all types of borrowers. Since the conventional lending sources resist giving money to people without a job, the direct lenders have custom designed loans for all kinds of applicants.

Unemployed Loans
People without a job are the ones who need money the most. The online lenders offer two kinds of loans in this category. Applicants can either opt to get the loan amount transferred in their bank accounts, or choose cash loans for unemployed in Ireland. There is no constraint of having a stable job for approval of the loan application.

Text Loans
When away from the desktop, a text message acts as an equivalent to ‘click on the apply button’. These lenders understand that a person can need emergency money at any time and any place. SMS loans allow people to send a text and get money in their bank accounts directly, within minutes of approval.

Long-term Loans
Expensive needs require large funds. And repayment of a big amount calls for a longer period of time. Long term loans are bonded with instalment option of repaying the money.

Personal Loans
These custom designed loans act as saviours when people have bad credit. They can be used for whichever purpose. The loan amount and period are both decided by the applicant. As long as the eligibility criteria are satisfied, approval comes guaranteed.

Am I not past the age limit?

This was the whole point of the discussion, wasn’t it? And this indeed is the best part of the discussion. One can be young, but not old. There is no upper cap in age when it comes to unsecured loans.

One can never be too old to get an online loan. As long as a person is an Irish citizen over 21 years of age, the direct lenders have multiple loan options readily available for him/her.

One can make the loan repayments with the pension or retirement benefits, and make use of the loan amount in checking all the boxes of the bucket list.

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