Financial Tools that Can Help You Track Saving and Spending Habits

Financial Tools that Can Help You Track Saving and Spending Habits

Although you all know that budgeting can help you track your expenses, you often ignore it. You find it monotonous and sometimes treat it just as a formality that you fail to stick to this plan. Budgeting ensures careful spending and tracking expenses. This is imperative especially to ensure you have left some money to pay for financial emergencies.

Though there are short term loans to fund your small needs, this is not the option all the time when you need money. Sometimes lenders may not be able to sign off on the loan after checking your affordability and credit score and if they approve they may not be able to offer you as much as you need.

There are various financial software tools that you can use for budgeting and tracking your expenses.


This software can help you quickly take control of your finances. This is available for Windows as well as Mac. Here are the features of Quicken:

  • You can see all your financial transactions including your banking, loan payments, and credit card accounts in one place. You will have a complete view of what is coming in and going out.
  • This will let you stay on top of your spending by tracking what you are left with after paying all of your bills.
  • You can avoid missing out on the due date because it keeps you in the loop about the balances all the time.
  • If you invest money, you can monitor your portfolio and the market trends to make a firm decision.
  • You can create categories for all of your transactions and then see where most of your money is going.

Personal Capital

This software can also help you track all of your accounts in one place. You can categorize your spending so you can get a clear view of your true financial picture. Here are the features of this software:

  • You can get personalized advice from advisors. You can fend off the risk in case the market declines.
  • Intelligent rebalancing can help you buy diversified assets. It will increase the value of your portfolio.
  • It also offers you dynamic allocation so you can keep growing with your investments as your situation and goals change.
  • This can offer you a complete saving solution to help you analyze how much you should save.
  • In addition to retirement savings, you can build an emergency fund. All you need to do is to set a limit.
  • You can track your debt paydown and see the balances. All are available in one place.
  • You can target account-level savings. This can help you quickly grow your savings.
  • This has emerged as a long-term planning tool. Whether it is retirement, a wedding, buying a car, or a house, you can use this tool to prepare for your future.


YNAB refers to You Need a Budget. This is award-winning software that can help you gain control over your finances. What makes it different from other software solutions is it helps teach you how to manage your money. Here are the features of YNAB:

  • If you find it boring and complicated, you can learn how to create a budget with this software. Learn the simplest and easiest methods of budgeting.
  • The best thing is you can find all information in one place and access it from any device anytime. In fact, you can share it with your partner. This means it supports the budget together.
  • Set and reach your goals and then set new and bigger goals. This is how budgeting will help you take full control over your money.
  • It can let you see your progress through graphs and charts. This makes budgeting interesting and engaging.
  • Every week you will get access to over 100 free online workshops on budgeting.
  • You can tackle all your debt payments easily. This is not about spending less but spending right.


If you are passionate about investing money, this is a great tool. It gives you all tools and support that you need to become an ace investor. Build your better future with the right investment. Here are the features of Betterment:

  • You do not need to have a large amount of money because you can start with as little as €10.
  • Robots can guide you to the best investing asset based on your investing goals and current financial condition.
  • Personalized advice can help you which asset is right for you to buy.
  • You can connect all outside accounts to evaluate your financial condition.
  • The best thing is with growing money you can manage small debt payments like doorstep loans in Ireland.  

Good budget

It is a virtual budget program that means you no longer need paper and a pen to do so. It can keep you on track without requiring you to put in much effort. Here are the features of Goodbudget:

  • This supports envelope budgeting. Create enveloped for different expenses, put money in them, and payout of them. It can help you stick to your budget without putting your cash in a physical envelope.
  • You can share the budget with your family members. You can save for big expenses so you do not need to worry about taking out small loans.
  • This can help you pay off debts and track the progress.
  • You will be able to create a budget that works for you to prevent you from living paycheque to paycheque. This is a great way to break this cycle.
  • As the cycle of living paycheque to paycheque breaks, you can easily manage your debt payments.


This is a mobile app that you can use to take full control over your money. Budgeting to tracking spending provides you with everything you need to make your financial life better. Here are the features of Dollarbird:

  • It offers a calendar-based financial management plan. It is featured with AI tools that let you categorize all transactions into past, future, and recurring. You can track all your transactions on your mobile phone.
  • A balance will be recorded each day so you can get an idea of how much money has gone out and how much you are left with to pay for other expenses.
  • You can also add your family members and manage finances together. This app can help you updated your current financial condition.

If you want to take control over your finances, you will have to invest in financial software. This can make budgeting interesting and less demanding. When you have everything in front of you, you will get a better insight into your financial condition. This can help you make firm and better decisions about your money.

Some of these software solutions are free. Some of them come in different plans. You do not need to worry about your affordability if you do not have money to buy them because you can take out bad credit acceptance loans.

Since you will be paying down the debt in installments, it does not put the burden on your repaying capacity.

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