How to Spend Christmas Day When You Do Not Want to Celebrate It

Festival time is a celebration time or time for reuniting with family that you have not seen for a long time. People in a huge flock in stores allow of an interpretation that they are floating in the air and do not want to leave any stone unturned to celebrate Christmas with gusto and bonhomie. Still, superficial expressions often coax you into believing what they try to show.

However, when you throw light on the other side of the coin, you will find most of them have numerous reasons not to celebrate Christmas. They are doing it for the heck of it. A majority of people are alone, or if they have family, they have not seen them for years or that is dysfunctional.

There are umpteen reasons for not celebrating Christmas this year, for instance, you are single, you are suffering from a bereavement loss, you have recently come up with health issues, and the like. Thanks to Covid-19, an addition to a long list of reasons for flinching from celebrating the festival.

Many of you are running out of money buried under debt. People are struggling to keep up with repayments of car loans and mortgages while their income is shrinking and shrinking. Christmas is around the corner, and your financial condition has not healed, but it does not mean that you cannot spend Christmas day delightfully.

You do not need to celebrate it at a grand level by inviting your friends or family. This year you have a ton of reasons for avoiding throwing money at a grand celebration. Here is how you can spend your Christmas day whether you are alone or you have a family but do not want to spend with them.

Make it your hobby day

Since you are alone or do not want to spend the day with your family, you should think about your hobbies. Other days you do not get time to give yourself, but you can pursue your interests this Christmas. If you are fond of reading storybooks, go to the store and grab the one that you want to read.

If you have not found a book of your interest, you can head back to your book library and pick the book that you found most amazing. It is not weird to read the story that you have already read. If you love a sport, go to the sports club and spend your day over there. If you are fond of watching movies, Netflix like platforms can provide you with the best collection.

Spend Christmas with your friends

You do not need to have a blood bond with others to establish a family-type relationship. Whether you are no longer in touch with your family or you do not want to meet your dysfunctional family, you can always invite your friends to your home. You can gift them, have food with them and share your feeling with them.

However, if you are not lucky to have friends or you are to spend the day with your dysfunctional family even though you do not want to, do not get your knickers in a twist if they criticise you for not getting married or not trying for a good job, for example. Understand that your family will ask you a question about your job, relationship and all – after all, they need a topic to talk about, and they usually have an interest in such topics.

They will find it worth talking about your parenting skills instead of discussing deteriorating weather conditions. If they slag you off, do not take on. Act as if the criticism is like no skin off your nose.

Do church service

Christmas has been celebrated for centuries although now the celebration is more about gathering, presents, food and booze. If you hark back to the traditional ways of celebrating Christmas, you will find that the day is meant for doing prayers, charity and finding inner peace. Church service is held on Sunday that aims to bring communities together to worship. This is the day of God, so spend it in remembering him.

Serve yourself a few hours of solitude

Whether you have no family or you have a dysfunctional family that you never want to see this Christmas, you do not need to feel alone. Try to serve yourself a few hours of solitude. Although it is defined as a state of being alone, it is not what you think and understand.

There is a big difference between loneliness and solitude. While the former is the state of missing something, the latter is the state of engagement with yourself. Why not take out a few hours to give yourself? Just do what you want to do and what you like to do. Do not think about others and think about yourself and how you can make your day.


If you are not celebrating Christmas with your family and friends due to whatever reason, you should do something good for others. Provide volunteer services on Christmas day. You may have been doing it other days probably, but volunteering on Christmas day can make fill you with pleasure.

You will no longer feel like your life has lost most of its savour. You can donate money to charity organisations and orphanages. You can buy gifts for children of orphanages or shelters. You can also sponsor a child’s education whose parents cannot afford their education. No way can be better than celebrating Christmas than spreading happiness, among others.

Whatever the reason you do not want to celebrate Christmas this year, you can still enjoy the holiday. You can pursue your hobbies. Do what you would like to do without thinking about others. Volunteer, go to church service and spend the day with your best friends.

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