Untimely Situations can be Tackled with Approaching Personal Finance

We are on the verge of Christmas celebrations, and my friends have no fixed time to reach out to me even in the festivals. I am a sophisticated social animal who does not want to meet anyone else except my own friends. My friends are my family and cannot make hope for the festival without them.

I was born to a wealthy family, but some issues were raised between my parents and very small despite having such a big house and family. My mother separated from my father and took shelter in a Non- government organisation in the central city called England.

There she got a job as an accountant since she was much literate and almost familiar with the accounting subjects. She even started teaching vulnerable children to impart the motive of getting an education in everyone’s life. Her life is like a lesson to me, and she is my only teacher throughout my age.

Her affection towards me and dedicated efforts she dwelt in me brought us beautiful moments in our life. I received a scholarship to get an education at Oxford University and had to leave my mother for several coming years to study Law. I bid me a sweet goodbye with the blessings to reach heights.

Through this blog, you shall be learning how life can be made beautiful only being with few people close to you and understand you swinging moods to allow you live with comforts and gradually become an integral part of your life.

Also defining how financial substitutions borrowed from external sources can be proven helpful very often.

Meeting new members 

Like every new student of a new college and a hostel, I was immersed with a mixed feeling of fear and excitement. I was afraid of the seniors’ ragging, but fortunately, there were strict rules against ragging, and no one could even tease others for any reasons.

The college allotted an economical room in the hostel there. I had to share the same room with three other guys similar to my age and class. I was waging over the enrichments I could receive by having three strangers in a single room. My presumptions did not bring nor have results and the days gone nicely.

We started sharing food and drinking water from a single bottle. We were more related to each other as we all had the same goals to reach and achieve the same target to attain the best in law.

The sacrifice of my mother

One day one of my room partners asked me how I came to choose law as the main subject in my life. I had no words to expel, but I have been considering abolishing the unlawful means some people do to their life partners as my father did to my mother.

In my thought, she was the one who inspired me to choose law as the main subject, and I found my life in it. From my childhood, I watched my mother crying alone without making any complaints to anyone but with the determination to make herself and me independent.

In addition to taking care of me from her motherhood, she taught me useful life lessons and never have the avenging feelings for anyone.

Her role in my life is ostensible of a strong woman and a dedicated lady whose only passion is to teach everyone to become independent from any hurdles and live the life on own conditions and values without seeking anyone’s help.

Leaving her to go for the study was the primary decision I had to take to bring her justice and the sweet fruits of having the patience of years to reach my goals. She utilised all her moments of life in bringing me with ample means of livelihood.

Financial subsistence

In recent years, whenever we got stuck through financial means, direct lenders were always there to help us in financial crises.

Thankfully, with technology advancements, we can seek monetary help through them by quickly applying for mobile texting loans.

These loans are very accessible, and no help can be equivalent to these.


We should appreciate every moment of life as every moment has the guts to teach us a different lesson to cross any barrier of life and reach the focal point.

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