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Your individual circumstances create financial needs now and then, but money may not be available every time. In such conditions, personal loans can help with instant availability of funds on the simpler application procedure and round-the-clock availability. CreditsFastCash offers personal loans in Ireland online with no guarantor on easy terms and conditions for your small but significant needs on instant approval decision. Through customer-centric online lending, we aim to deliver financial relief during tough times. Customised deals make the repayment of loan easy and predictable.


Interest Rate from 5.9%

Annual Percentage Rate from 6.5%

Monthly repayments from €385.83

With flexible lending policies, we try to provide personal loans on the best rates while staying competitive in the market. You can get an approval on our lucrative deals with a strong repaying capacity. We want to see how efficiently an applicant can pay the instalments, and if that is at the right place, approval comes right away.

Personal Loans for Bad Credit - A Rational Reality

A bad credit score is a big obstacle between your financial goals and their attainment. Also, it hampers the way to solutions like obtaining loans from lenders because you find it challenging to qualify for the funds. But it is not a problem anymore with personal loans in Ireland for bad credit people on borrower-friendly terms and conditions. We know your problems in poor credit situation and also know how to design our loan deals to meet your needs.

You need to have the following conditions to get bad credit personal loans –


  • The recent record of the bill and debt payments should be spotless to compensate for the flaws of past payment record.
  • The current income should be enough to encapsulate the new instalment of personal loans.
  • For bad credit people, we accept an income-outgoing ratio of 50:50, which is usually 60:40 for the good credit score people.
  • An additional income is always advisable in case of poor credit score performance.
  • No guarantor required but that is optional if you want to strengthen your creditworthiness, you can bring a guarantor.


  • Application procedure 100% online
  • Minimum €1000………….Maximum €60,000
  • Tenure minimum 3 months………..maximum 5 years
  • No need to pay any upfront fee
  • No late payment fee up to 2 delayed instalments
  • Holiday is available (with terms and conditions)


A soft credit check is available to prevent search footprint. We leave the decision on your discretion of hard credit check or soft credit check. Let us know at the time of application, and we can carry on in the required manner. You can borrow money from us despite bad credit across Ireland with no location constraint. From personal loans in Dublin to Drogheda, we are available everywhere.


The actual potential behind a quick approach resides in the stability of personal finances and the maturity in financial behaviour. Credit score issues can be overlooked if an applicant has the intention to improve things and revive from the incorrect money habits. Funds are available not only irrespective of credit score status but also employment status through personal loans for unemployed. The only requirement is a strong repaying capacity.

Personal Loan Calculator – Approximate the cost of your loan deal

A predictable loan is always easy to handle, and also the borrower can make confident borrowing decisions. A calculator can solve this purpose and can calculate the monthly and yearly cost with approximate figures.

Take essential conclusions from a personal loan calculator –

  • Know how much you afford in turn how much you can get on approval
  • Know the monthly cost, and it becomes easier to manage the monthly cost
  • Know the annual cost and plan better for prepayment of part payment

Use the calculator multiple times and attain clarity on your borrowing decision. Planning personal finances becomes easier because there are many other expenses to find a place in the monthly budget. Make anticipation easy with the right types of figures able to explain the statistics of debt. You can apply for the right amount once it is clear how much amount is affordable. You can explore improved approval chances on quick personal loans in Ireland with a smart calculator; it is there on our website. Use it and apply for an amount that suits to repayment capacity.


Borrow for any purpose

There are so many causes that keep you wanting for money at different occasions of life. Personal loans have the capacity to encapsulate all purposes. The reasons for personal loans can be many, and we are well-prepared to fund you for all of them right now.

Use funds for every purpose –

  • Educational reasons
  • Medical expenses
  • Wedding preparations
  • Home improvement
  • Shift to a new place
  • Miscellaneous expenses

The only concern is to offer financial assistance to fulfil sundry needs right at the time of requirement. The help that comes late is no help, and personal loans are known for their easy and immediate availability. That can be assured with the help of the speedy approach of next-generation online lending.

What makes our deals promisingly different?

Dedicated to its commitment of providing uncompromised financial service to the borrowers, CreditsFastCash owns the following features in its loan deals. Look, and you are sure to find some reasons to choose us for your next borrowing.

  • Personalised pricing –We never miss to notice your circumstances while preparing the deal for your needs. We do not implement generalised rules, and interest rates as every single applicant has a different financial condition. From prices to repayment plans, you get what you can afford.
  • Relaxation in rates if payment flaws are not consistent – We can assure you that this feature is not easy to find. Our logical approach says that the applicant with inconsistent bad credit situation is not intentionally irresponsible in finances. The circumstances happen to all, and we understand this very well. Besides, our prime concern is how you are managing finances in your current time. In response to this rational approach, we provide you with more relaxation in the interest rates even after customisation.
  • You get what you see – Whatever you notice on our website is precisely given to you. Our deeds are always similar to what we say or mention. From the loan amount limit to the additional features, you are sure to get everything precisely the same as what we tell you. For us, the trust of our borrowers is the most precious asset, and we leave no possibility to ensure your faith stay with us forever.

CreditsFastCash is destined and determined to serve the borrowers with uncompromised lending services. Our unsecured personal loans in Ireland do not come on the cost of your peace of mind because the interest rates are lower, repayments are affordable, and the procedure is speedy. Simplifying things is our way to improve borrowing experience. A large number of satisfied customers tell us that we are going in the right direction. Do you need money now? We are RIGHT HERE! Apply Now and get the best personal loans in Ireland. It is our commitment to you.

Personal Loans FAQs

How to get an unsecured personal loan in Ireland?

Today’s market is flooded with online lenders who offer an unsecured loan for people with a low credit score. All you need to do is just do little research online and apply for the loan to various lenders. Whoever provides you with the loan at a lower rate of interest, choose them. CreditsFastCash offers you the loans on competitive APRs and that’s for sure.

I am an unemployed person. Do I get a loan in Ireland?

Being unemployed is not a good experience. many online lenders provide loans to an unemployed person, although the rate of interest varies from one lender to another, but some reliable lenders like us can guarantee bespoke unemployed loan deals for both shorter and longer duration.

How to get an online personal loan in Ireland?

A Personal loan is very attractive product in the field of the loan market. Many online lenders provide personal loan at an affordable rate. If you have an excellent credit score, then any lender can offer you a loan very quickly. But if you are struggling with your poor credit record, then it is better to look for online lenders.

How much can I borrow through unsecured personal loans?

There is always a minimum and maximum loan amount, but the actual amount you qualify for depends on your affordability. However, the minimum is €1000, and the maximum is €50000. Your current income status and latest bank statement are the two crucial factors that help in attaining approval.

How can I get a loan if I have just started my professional career?

If you are doing your first job and need a loan to meet specific goals, then best would be to approach a reputed direct lender. There is a possibility to get unsecured personal loans in Ireland. Such funding doesn’t involve the criteria of presenting collateral for approval.

You can use a personal loan for anything without giving any clarification to the lenders.

What holiday expenses can I cover with personal loans in Ireland?

With personal loans in Ireland, you can bear numerous holiday expenditures. You can spend the borrowed money over expected as well as surprising cost:

  • Airfare and lodging
  • Flight booking Ticket charges
  • The cost of the meal and many other small travelling costs

These unsecured loans are beneficial for everyone, who wants to complete their needs, which were pending for a long time. However, applying for loans from a reliable lender like CreditsFastCash will bring more benefits to you.

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