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Short – term loans – For your alarming needs

The financial needs are prevalent and obvious to happen. The needs that are small and demand a little amount can be urgent too and at that time, you may not have suffice funds. Then comes the short term loans in Ireland to play their role of a game changer. CreditsFastCash is the place where you can depend to these loans for any purpose. As our name denotes, we are the expert of providing hassle-free Euros through instant approval decision. To take the maximum benefit of the loans, you need to know every aspect. Reaching to us is always easy through our website but it is better to know exactly what we provide in the form of loan deals, the features, etc.

Short-term loans meaning?- ‘any purpose’ loans for small needs

As the term denotes, the type of loans designed for the little and also urgent needs of money are short term loans. They can serve to any purpose you have. Any reason under the sky cannot remain unattended. However, we do not give a long list of questions to ask your reason to borrow funds. Just the one you mention is sufficient. After all, it is your life and every person has countless reasons to ask for money.

  • A sudden flight out of the city
  • Welcome of a new baby
  • Financial back-up need for a big purchase
  • Moving home
  • Sudden business trip
Short-term loans

Whatever is your reason, we are always there. It is not necessary to bring a bunch of documents to prove us your requirement. Whatever you mention we believe. Whether you borrow for an educational purpose or for your business, we are fine with any reason you give. Keep no annoying anticipations on this part.


561-720 (poor), 721-880(fair), 881-960(good), 961-999(excellent)

Financial needs are quite democratic in their approach. Doesn’t matter if someone has a good credit score or poor credit score, they just happen. If problems are so similar to all, why financial opportunities should discriminate on credit score status?

The reason for our liberal approach on credit score is our trust on the repayment capacity of the applicant. If you can pay the funds on time, we are more than ‘ok’ to give you a smooth approval. If you are in a desperate need, come to us with any credit score. Borrow with excellent or good credit rating or apply with poor score through short term loans for bad credit. We are fine with everything. By the way, we have soft credit check too to facilitate borrowing free from search footprint.

Instant approval, instant money

What is the use of providing funds after the actual moment of need and that too when the requirement is small. With our short term loans on instant decision, you are sure to get the money faster and speedy. The application procedure is brief and has only a few steps. Just apply, get approval decision and receive funds. The small needs may not give you much time, they act restless and you too need to act fast and smart. With our assistance, you can get the immediate money at the right moment.

Low total cost - Our short-term loan deals come with personalised pricing

We know that the interest rate and APR are the prime concerns. After all, they directly affect the monthly instalments and total cost. However, with us, you can stay sure about everything on this aspect.

At CreditsFastCash, we provide loans on personalised pricing which keeps the total cost low. You can easily repay the loan in small repayments that fit perfectly in your income and monthly budget. In short, you get whatever you can afford and repay.

Types of short term loans

May be you are not aware but the short-term loan is an umbrella term for many types that serve to different types of applicants and purposes. You should know about them –

  • Short-term personal loans – For your personal needs, these loans serve you best at the right moment. These are not for any commercial or business purpose. The other way to find these loans is to search online with ‘small loans Ireland’.
  • Payday loans - If your need is extremely urgent and waiting for even an hour is impossible, we have arrangements. Borrow super fast money through short-term payday loans in Ireland and let the money mess stay away. 30 seconds for approval decision and 10 minutes to get the money in your bank account.
  • No credit check loans – This is mainly for those who do not want to go through the credit check process. The bad credit scorers and first time borrowers are in the absolute need of such loans.
  • Quick loans – As you can see and understand, these are the speedy loans for small needs with quick loan procedures. While you are standing in the middle of a highway after a car crash, these loans can be a great support to get an instant repair when the help comes. You can also find these loans with the term instant loans in Ireland.
  • Bad credit loans – Yes, very obvious, the loans that serve to the financial concerns of the poor credit scorers are bad credit loans. Like other loans, these are also customised. The special benefit is that people can improve credit rating by paying the instalments on time.

Rollover available on every short-term loan offer with one extension

You may miss to pay off the loan in the decided tenure due to unpredictable circumstances. Fine, we understand that. We have one more chance to offer. With CreditsFastCash, you do not get into the vicious circle of default if you miss to pay off the loan. Get one more extension and get extra time to pay the funds. The amount of time you get depends totally on your personal circumstances.

Who can apply to us?

In one word, ‘ALL’. Yes, we are open for all and there are no constraints on that part. Still you can read the following to get a bit more relaxed on this part.

Beneficiary on financial aspect Beneficiary on personal circumstances
People with no credit history Care leavers
People with bad credit history Single parents
Employed Retired people up to 65
Self-employed Physically disabled people
People living on benefits People under trial of any criminal charge
Business persons etc. Veterans etc.

Why you can apply to us for short term loans?

This question has very simple answers and they can be obtained in the qualities and features that we have. CreditsFastCash is determined to make things easy for its borrowers and for that, few features are necessary to have.

  • No annoying calls from our side
  • We work irrespective of bank holidays
  • Assured transparency through timely notifications
  • Quick and simple procedures
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Competitive rates
  • No threat of default with loan extension facility

CreditsFastCash promises you to be there at the time of need. Provide us a few details and we can provide a lucrative loan offer. With our established experience of years, we assure you that only the most uncompromised deals will be offered. It is a promise that is made to never break.

Short Term Loans FAQs

What is the criterion for small loans in Ireland?

If you are looking to get an approval on small loans, then you have to follow up with certain criterion. The direct lender requires you to fill the online application which is further assembled by income prospect, credit score and residential proof. By following the given criterion depending on the income source, you can get small loans in Ireland on instant disbursal.

Is short term loans Ireland given on bad credit score?

Yes, a borrower can get short term loans in Ireland on bad credit score. You just have to fill online application form with all essential details. The approval on constraint brings to deal with the fact that the procedure includes the feature of no credit check which requires giving an easy approval on the required amount.

Can you apply for short term loans in Ireland during unemployment?

Yes, you can apply for quick short term loans in Ireland even if you are out of work, but you must have an income source to prove your repaying capacity. The unemployed benefits, part-time job, freelancing or rental income can serve the purpose of income. You cannot borrow money if you have no income source.

How much can you borrow with payday loans in Ireland?

The borrowing limit for payday loans in Ireland is between €1,000 and €2,500, but it depends on your financial needs and repaying capacity. No lender will lend you money more than your affordability. The best way to avoid borrowing more than your repaying capacity is to use online calculators to see the total cost of the loan.

When should you take out fast small loans in Ireland?

You should take out fast small loans in Ireland during financial emergencies like your car is broken down, your laptop is not up and running, and you have a medical emergency. These loans do not intend to help you fund your discretionary expenses at all. Otherwise, it will be risky for your financial circumstances.

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