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Short term loans – a quick solution to your financial problems

A short-term loan is a type of money you borrow from a financial institution to fix temporary monetary problems. You can use the borrowed money to fund both personal needs and business needs.

Contrary to long-term loans like mortgages and auto loans, you do not need to put collateral to qualify for the loan. Whether you need money to fund your wedding expenses or you need it to boost your business capital, short term loans in Ireland can quickly fill the gap.

Short-term loans are usually designed to fund those expenses that cannot wait too long. This is why you can apply for them online. Less documentation makes the processing faster, which results in disbursal of money within 10 minutes after the approval.

As these loans help you tide over when a financial emergency pops up, the duration of our short term loans is more often than not one year. However, when you are borrowing money for a planned expense like home renovation, the repayment term can extend up to five years. Here is what CreditsFastCash offers through these loans:

  • Fixed weekly or monthly instalments
  • No missed payments if it is not 30 days past due
  • No hidden fees
  • Doorstep service
  • Instant approval
Short-term loans

What can I use short-term loans for?

Just when you think you have a sound financial condition, unexpected expenditure crops up. Savings seem to be enough to cover unforeseen expenses as long as they do not arise. If your savings are not enough to meet your needs, our short-term loans will be a quick fix. You can use them for any purposes. For instance:

  • Your boiler is not up and running.
  • You have a dental problem.
  • Your car needs repair.
  • You want to replace your washing machine or tumble dryer.
  • You need to have your leaky faucets fixed or repaired.
  • You need to buy a printer for your office.

There are several other situations when you can consider taking out short-term loans.

Can I take out short-term loans with bad credit?

When you apply for a short-term loan, your credit file should be up to scratch. A poor credit rating can keep you from qualifying for the loan from mainstream lenders, but CreditsFastCash can consider your application despite a bad credit rating.

Financial emergencies can come up at anytime regardless of your credit score. As emergencies cannot wait until your credit score improves, we do not hesitate to sign off on your application. However, you will have to meet the following conditions:

  • You must have a repaying capacity. Your application will be rejected if we find that you cannot afford to pay off what you are borrowing.
  • You can apply for these loans only for emergencies. No application will be entertained with planned expenses like a wedding or home renovation in case of a bad credit rating.

What are the types of short-term loans?

A short-term loan is an umbrella term. There are several loans addressed as short term loans. They have been listed below:

  • Short-term personal loans

You can buy these loans for your personal as well as business needs. However, if you fund your business with it, they will be called short term business loans. These personal loans generally aim at funding planned expenses like buying a car, home renovation, and the like. The other name of these loans is unsecured loans because you do not have to put collateral.

  • No credit check loans

As the name suggests, you do not need to have your credit report checked at the time of borrowing money. Short term loans with no credit check are aimed at borrowers with poor credit rating. If you do not want to have your credit report checked, these loans will be an ideal option. However, you will have to pay interest slightly higher.

  • Quick loans

Quick loans can help you fund your needs quickly. If your car breaks down in the middle of the road or you have forgotten your wallet at home and realise it when you are to pay the bill at the restaurant, you can apply for these short term loans online in Ireland.  

  • Bad credit loans

A bad credit score should not hold you back from borrowing money in case of an emergency. You will get the money directly in your account the same day you put in the application.

  • Mobile text loans

Mobile text loans are those loans that you can apply for by giving a text to us through your Smartphone. Sometimes you are caught up in weird situations when you may need money urgently. You will get money in just five minutes as you text us.

  • Unemployed loans

Unemployed loans are also a kind of short term loans. If you have lost your job and you have come up with a financial emergency, you can apply for these loans. Unemployment benefits and income from a side gig will serve the basis for your affordability. We also offer doorstep service to the unemployed.

Who can apply to us?

In one word, ‘ALL’. Yes, we are open to all, and there are no constraints. To get a more detailed view, refer to the following table:

Beneficiary on financial aspect Beneficiary on personal circumstances
People with no credit history Care leavers
People with bad credit history Single parents
Employed Retired people up to 65
Self-employed/entrepreneurs Physically disabled people
People living on benefits People under trial of any criminal charge

Are short-term loans right for me?

Although short term cash loans in Ireland are easily available, it does not mean that you will throw your caution to the wind. It is paramount that money decisions you take work in your favour and therefore you should not be impetuous.

Short term loans require larger repayments than long term loans and this is why you pay less in interest. If you think that you can easily manage to pay down the debt, you can go for it. Try to use online loan calculators to know roughly estimate of how much it will set you back.

It does not make sense to borrow money when you can pay it back only after compromising with your regular expenses. Further, it is not a wise act to take out a short term loan to pay off another debt. Otherwise, you will fall into a perpetual debt spiral.

Why consider CreditsFastCash to apply for short-term loans?

Whether you are applying for short term loans in Dublin or any other city in Ireland, qualifying for these loans with CreditsFastCash can be the right choice because:

  • We do not charge early repayment fees.
  • Even for a small amount, we let our borrowers pay in fixed instalments.
  • Our interest rates are lower than our competitors.
  • We give no hidden surprises.

CreditsFastCash promises you to be there at the time of need. Provide us with a few details so that we can offer you a good loan deal. Apply Now…

Short Term Loans FAQs

What is the criterion for small loans in Ireland?

If you are looking to get an approval on small loans, then you have to follow up with certain criterion. The direct lender requires you to fill the online application which is further assembled by income prospect, credit score and residential proof. By following the given criterion depending on the income source, you can get small loans in Ireland on instant disbursal.

Is short term loans Ireland given on bad credit score?

Yes, a borrower can get short term loans in Ireland on bad credit score. You just have to fill online application form with all essential details. The approval on constraint brings to deal with the fact that the procedure includes the feature of no credit check which requires giving an easy approval on the required amount.

Can you apply for short term loans in Ireland during unemployment?

Yes, you can apply for quick short term loans in Ireland even if you are out of work, but you must have an income source to prove your repaying capacity. The unemployed benefits, part-time job, freelancing or rental income can serve the purpose of income. You cannot borrow money if you have no income source.

How much can you borrow with payday loans in Ireland?

The borrowing limit for payday loans in Ireland is between €1,000 and €2,500, but it depends on your financial needs and repaying capacity. No lender will lend you money more than your affordability. The best way to avoid borrowing more than your repaying capacity is to use online calculators to see the total cost of the loan.

When should you take out fast small loans in Ireland?

You should take out fast small loans in Ireland during financial emergencies like your car is broken down, your laptop is not up and running, and you have a medical emergency. These loans do not intend to help you fund your discretionary expenses at all. Otherwise, it will be risky for your financial circumstances.

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