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Unemployed Loans - Bringing Hope in Tricky Scenario

Is your unemployment making things uncomfortable to you? It is obvious because you are not receiving a proper cash flow. But is there any need of taking stress especially when a new age lender called CreditsFastCash is bringing personalised offers on unemployed loans in Ireland.

Irrespective of your credit history, we provide you loans on the flexible terms and conditions, which is very unlike the traditional lending companies. They feel jobless individuals as the risky borrowers and reluctant to offer them money. In contrast, we do not look what you have done in the past instead our main concern is your repayment capacity that you can show through these means:

  • Your spouse’s monthly earning
  • Self employment
  • Receiving some benefits or pensions from the government
  • Salary proofs of previous employments

Nobody wants to be unemployed but situations do occur when you have to face that reality. Mainstream lenders may give you loans but on the high interest rates. At here, you will find rates very affordable to your finances and provide a major help during this tough times.

What Features Can You Expect with Unemployed Loans?

You have chosen us as your direct lender in Ireland and we vouch for providing you exactly what you want from us. Look at the features of our loans for unemployed that will be enough to have a peace of mind. These are:

  • Our repayment period is flexible and easy to follow
  • Interest rates are competitive
  • Online application makes approval quicker and easier
  • You will get funds on the same day (Next day if you apply on holiday)
  • Both homeowners and tenants are eligible
  • You can apply for the loan even if you are relying on govt benefits
  • We charge no upfront and hidden fees

Features of unemployed loans

Can I Get Long Term Funding If I Am Unemployed?

Questions are plenty into the mind of the jobless people and they need a proper answer to them. In many times, jobless individuals are only allowed to secure short amount because they do not have relevance source to ensure repayments. It is not the fault of the lender that it cannot provide the large funding because getting back the lending amount is its right.

At CreditsFastCash, we can provide long term loans to unemployed people if they have the capacity to make repayments for comparatively longer period of time. Our main concern is repayment and once we are assured with it, we quickly approve your loan application without any complication.

The pattern to apply for the loans remain the same where you will be asked to submit your income statement arising out of any source, which can be either a part-time/temporary job or income-generating asset. We will evaluate your incomings and outgoings to assess your affordability. The amount will be disbursed as your application is approved. This entire procedure takes a couple of hours.

I Have Poor Credit Record and I Am Unemployed, Can I Apply?

When two major complications get remove from the loan obligations, income and credit score, it will become very tough for the borrowers to get the loans. The private lender helps a lot in such scenario by offering bespoke offers on the loans for unemployed for bad credit people.

With the policy of no credit check, one can easily borrow funds despite having less-than-perfect credit score and their jobless status. Our primary goal is to offer you with financial support as much as we can. As long as we are assured that you will be able to pay off your pending dues after meeting all of your unprecedented expenses, we will not reject your loan request.

Borrowers with a good credit history get funds at a lower rate of interest than those with a bad credit report. But here you will get at least competitive rates that won’t put extra burden on your pocket.

You can use our short term loans and long term loans for unemployed for any purpose. We strive hard to give best and personalised services to our borrowers, therefore, we deliver funds at your doorstep.

Apply for an unemployed loan at the most competitive interest rates. We assure you that you will not fall within a debt web because we disburse what you can afford.

Unemployed Loans FAQs

Can I get loan despite unemployment?

Yes, despite no job, you can get loan. If you qualify on certain conditions, you can get loans in Ireland for unemployed. Don’t worry, the procedures are not complicated. you just need to have a proof that you can pay off the funds on time. Whatever is your income source, freelance work, part-time job, rental income, you need to mention that. Once the lender gets satisfied on this aspect, you get the funds without much hassle. There is no obligation of collateral and guarantor despite the unemployment but interest rates are not high. Customisation feature helps get the funds on a much lower rate and instalments too are very small.

Can I get a loan for unemployed in Ireland?

Yes, you can get loans for unemployed in Ireland. However, you have to approach a reliable direct lender to avail loans on flexible terms.

CreditsFastCash does offer you a trustworthy option to borrow funds during the unemployed situation. Follow its easy application procedure and get the funds on the same day basis.

What is the possibility of doorstep service on cash loans for unemployed in Ireland?

There is always a possibility of cash loans at the door of the borrowers. Direct lenders like CreditsFastCash provide doorstep cash loans for unemployed in Ireland.

Such a facility can bring multiple benefits, such as:

  • Instant loan approval
  • No guarantor and no collateral
  • Repay on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Fewer chances of missing repayments
Is it possible to get unemployed loans in Ireland with no income proof?

The answer can be in ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Yes, because a few lenders are taking the risk of providing loans in Ireland for unemployed without any income proof. However, the amount should be small, and repayment capacity should be shown.

No, because some lenders think that they do need some surety for loan repayment. They want previous employment proofs as well as the income statements of part-time jobs.

What should I need to do to obtain fast approval on loans for unemployed?

You do not need anything extraordinary. Do these two things to get fast loans for unemployed in Ireland:

Apply early in the day (so that lender can consider your loan request first)

Apply early in the week (it helps you to get funds soon without waiting for weekends or holidays to end)

Can I Use Unemployment Allowances as Repayment source to get Loans in Ireland?

It can be a chance but not from every lender. You need to explore the marketplace of loans in Ireland for unemployed people.

With proper research, you can find out a few online lenders that are flexible to their approach and can consider unemployment benefits to collect the repayments.

CreditsFastCash offers the same facility to its prospective borrowers.

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